miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Sant Jordi

Skin: *WoW for DC* Anika/Tan [New]
Hair: *e* Stevie/Essentials
Earrings: *Bens Beauty* Ellie
Necklace:  *Leonard for Seasons Story* Vintage Charme [New]
Rings:  *Leonard for Seasons Story* My Deer/Gold [New]
Bouquet: *VCO for Seasons Story* Romantic Bouquet/2 [New]
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for Cosmetic Fair* Sassy [New]
Shirt: *OhLaLa* T Shirt Black [New]
Jeans: *Shine* Legging Jeans/Ripped Leo [New]
Shoes: *ZoZ for DC* Wild jane Cheetah/Silver [New]
Poses: *Kirin for Seasons Story* Sakura [New]

Photo: Here

martes, 22 de abril de 2014


Skin: *WoW for The Spring Break Fair* Leilani/Tan 02 [New]
Hair: *AD* Gliese/Dark Blondes [New]
Earrings: *Bens Beauty* Barbara
Watch:  *Bens Beauty* Angelique/Texture Change
Handbag:  *Bens Beauty* Smyrna/Texture Change
Dress: *TDH* Leather/Silver Studs [New]
Shoes: *Lacuna* Milliways/Rouge [New]

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jueves, 17 de abril de 2014


Look 1
Skin: *WoW for Happy Bunny Gatcha Fair* Rima/Tan02 [Only 100 L$]
Hair: *Truth* Lovers/Blondes
Necklace: *Pure Poison* Aileen [Group Gift] 
Bracelets: *Bens Beauty* Lila/Silver
Blouse: *Phwoar* Andree/Hud Change Color [New]
Shorts: *Buttery Toast for The Cart Sales* Lace/Pink [New]
Shoes: *Mary Cakes* Raspberry  [New]

Look 2
Skin: *WoW for  Happy Bunny Gatcha Fair* Rima/Tan04 [Only 100 L$]
Hair: *Truth* Gretchen/Blondes
Necklace: *Pure Poison* Aileen [Group Gift] 
Rings: *Buttery Toast for The Cart Sales* Dotty [Only 10 L$]
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for Cosmetic Fair* Sassy/Silver [New]
Outfit: *KRC for The Kollective* Spring Outfit [New]

Look 3
Skin: *WoW for Happy Bunny Gatcha Fair* Rima/Tan02 [Only 100 L$]
Hair: *Miss C* Ava/Blonde [Old Item DC]
Necklace: *Pure Poison* Aileen [Group Gift] 
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for Comic Fair* Comic [New]
Top: *FBD for Comic Fair* Comic/Catch me [New]
Skirt: *FW* Glowy/Blue [New]
Shoes: *Miss Canning* Dakota/Colors [New]

martes, 15 de abril de 2014


Skin: *WoW for Happy Bunny Gatcha Fair* Rima/Tan 03 [Only 100 L$]
Hair: *Truth for C88* April/Blondes [New]
Necklace&Earrings: *Amarelo Manga for DC* Alice/Gold [New]
Sunglasses:  *Amarelo Manga for DC* Miami/Brown [New]
Handbag:  *Amarelo Manga for DC* Alice/Brown [New]
Slink Nails: *ZoZ for Cosmopolitan* Wild/Silver [Only 70 L$]
Romper:  *Amarelo Manga for DC* Alice/Brown [New]
Shoes: *JD for TDRF* Infra/Gold [New]

Photo: Here


Skin: *WoW* Soraya/Tan [Easter Egg Hunt]
Hair: *Exile for My Attic* 1985/Natural Fusion [New]
Necklace&Rings: *Leonard* Wooden Love [Lazy Sunday]
Slink Nails: *Pulcino* FuruFuru/Suika [Gatcha Item]
Vest: *Faux for Fi*Friday* Turtle [New]
Leggings: *Bubblefish* Zigzag/Black-Fuschia [New]
Shoes: *Opopop* Dawa/Hud Change Color [New]

Photo: Here

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014


Skin: *WoW* Soraya/Tan [Easter Egg Hunt]
Hair: *Clawtooth for C88* Hang it Up/Bombshell [New]
Earrings: *Bens Beauty* Dragonfly/Silver
Outfit: *DLS for The Kollective* Gardening Outfit  [New]
Pose: *Bubblefish for War Gacha Event* Flower/Posed 3 [New]

Photo: Here

domingo, 13 de abril de 2014


Skin: *Phwoar* Reina/Medium [New]
Hair: *Magika* Shine/01 [New]
Slink Nails: *Zoz for Gatcha Garden* Peep Solid [New]
Sweatshirt: *Bens Boutique* Kiss me/Print 2 [New]
Jeans: *Bens Boutique* Tie Dye/Print 2 [New]
Shoes: *NCore* Cuore/Black [21 Shoes Event]

Photo: Here